Payment method activation
  • 26 Apr 2024
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Payment method activation

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When an integrator is onboarded, we’ll activate all payment methods that are available and required. After this, integrators activate new or additional payments themselves via an API, so they can control availability to their merchants.

Cards (credit and debits cards) is the only payment method activated by default for integrators and merchants. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Pay by Bank Account (Open Banking) must be activated for merchants either by:

  • Integrators via an API

  • Merchants via a manual process in Merchant Portal.

API activation

To activate a payment method for an integrator or merchant, a request must be made to the Evolve Payment Service. You will need information from Prerequisites for this request.


curl --location --request POST '/api/v1/merchants/{MERCHANT_ID}/paymentAccounts/{PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ID}/methods/{METHOD_ID}' \ 
--header 'jwt: {{PAYMENT_API_KEY}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ 
--data-raw '{
    "activationMode": "TEST_AND_LIVE",
    "provider": "{PROVIDER}"

MERCHANT_ID is the ISV ID or merchant ID, depending on who you are activating the payment method for.

PAYMENT_ACCOUNT_ID is the payment account ID for the integrator or merchant.


PROVIDER is “SBS” for Apple Pay or Google Pay, or “OB” for Pay by Bank Account (Open Banking).

Merchant Portal activation

Log in to Merchant Portal.

From the menu on the left, click on Settings and then Payment Methods.

For the required payment method, move the toggle from Inactive to Active. In this example we are activating Apple Pay.

Click on Activate.

The payment method is now Active.

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