Merchant Portal
  • 30 Jan 2024
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Merchant Portal

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Merchant Portal

The Merchant portal is for merchants to see transactions and payouts and manage their accounts. They can also refund payments and send Digital Payment Requests.

All the functions of the Merchant Portal can also be executed with API calls by the ISV.


The Dashboard charts the Merchant's payment history..

Transaction grid

This allows the Merchant to view live transaction status and export transaction history to Excel. You can also make Refunds from this screen.

Payments Requests

Payments Requests is where Merchants can make and view payment requests and their status.


Here Merchants can see the status of their pending and paid payouts and current balance.


An introduction to refunds.


Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions


This is where you can manage your user accounts and documents.


This is where communication between the platform and merchant appear, in addition to the emails sent.


This is where Default Merchant Settings for Digital Payment Requests can be added, Payment Methods can be activated or deactivated and and Bank Accounts can be managed.


This is where Evolve documentation can be accessed through Support Centre link.

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