Digital Payment Requests
  • 12 Dec 2023
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Digital Payment Requests

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What are Digital Payment Requests?

  • For a merchant, a Digital Payment Request is a simple way to request payment from customers, paying for goods or services outside of traditional online purchases.  

  • A Digital Payment Request can be a link or a button, which can be sent to the customer to enable them to make a payment securely. The link can be sent via email, app, text, or embedded in the invoice.

  • By clicking the payment request, customers can choose to pay via Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Open Banking.

  • All payment methods can be activated individually, except for Cards which is activated by default for all integrators and merchants. For Apple Pay you will also need to register merchants via an API.


With Digital Payment Requests, a Merchant User can:

  1. Create, Copy, View, Retire and Resend a Payment Request

  2. Send a Payment Request​ via email

  3. Search Payment Requests using the available search criteria

  4. Handle Attended Transactions, for example when a customer agent is in voice / chat contact with the consumer while the payment is being made.​

  5. An ISV can optionally access all above features via the Evolve platform APIs and make them available to the merchants from within their own environment


  • Free - This feature is available to all merchants at no additional cost​.

  • With reduced overhead costs, secure payments, ability to promote products and services at a fraction of the cost, there is a better customer experience – omnichannel and convenience for both merchants and customers the Digital Payment Requests is a brilliant way to get paid for your products and services.

  • Merchants can handle attended transactions (e.g., on call payments) and assist the customers during their payment journey. ​

Digital Payment Request user journey

DPR User Journey: Create Payment-> Send Link to Customer -> Customer Receives Link-> Customer Makes Payment -> Transaction Completed

API Reference

Read the online Digital Payment Request API reference

Merchant Guide

Download the Digital Payment Requests Merchant Guide

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