Using our sandbox
  • 29 Aug 2023
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Using our sandbox

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Using our sandbox

The sandbox is the environment you should use to explore our APIs and develop your integration.

It is a fully functional environment but does not process any live transactions. You can create your account and perform tests in this environment safe in the knowledge that you will not be touching any live payment services.

Our sandbox test environments are available at the following URLs :-

The Access PaySuite Evolve Platform API FOR TESTING is available at -

The Access PaySuite Evolve Payment API FOR TESTING is available at -

The Basics

Configure your application for the test environment

Configure your application to make authorisation and API calls to the test environment endpoints using your test environment credentials and the base URL

Create test users and other test data

To test user-restricted endpoints, you need to create test users and potentially other test data.

Test the authorisation process

Sign in with the credentials for the test user you created.

Test API calls

Use your application to make calls to our test environment APIs.

Remember to test the error scenarios mentioned in the API reference.

Test Card Data

For information on this topic, see Test Card Details

Onboarding Merchants for Testing

If you need a merchant approving, email the merchant ID to support, and we will set the merchant to active. If you have any questions about approving merchant please also email support.

Verifying Test Bank Accounts

In the live environment Evolve uses the Bank Account Verification Service (BAVS) to verify the bank account details provided. This service is not available within the UAT Sandbox, so we developed a replacement system which will verify any random string of numbers you provide, as long as it is in the required format for sort codes and account numbers i.e. sort codes with 6 digits and account numbers with 8 digits.

⚠ The following sort codes cannot be used to trigger verification 100000, 200000, 300000, 400000, 500001-500010, 600000.

It is essential in both the live and test systems that all bank account numbers are unique, therefore it is recommended that you always use a random string of numbers rather than following a system of any kind. If you receive an error response that informs you that the submitted number is already in use, resubmit the request with a new random number.

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