Processing payments
  • 15 Dec 2023
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Processing payments

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Article summary

Evolve enables you to process online and in-app payments. Redirect to Access PaySuite payment pages, embed controls in your own page, send a link, or build payments into your mobile application.

Direct Checkout

Embed payment details in your own webpage, using our secure controls.

Hosted Payment Pages

Redirect to Access PaySuite payment pages, where we can securely collect payment details.

Mobile SDK

Build payments into your mobile application.

Digital Payment Requests

Send a link for payment to be completed online, via API or Merchant Portal.

Payment method activation

Activate payment methods, via API or Merchant Portal.

Our Requirements

When you take payments with our technologies, we require that you provide certain information to your Merchants:

  1. A complete and accurate description of all goods and/or services offered for sale;

  2. Full details of your cancellation, delivery and returns policy;

  3. Customer service contact details;

  4. Transaction currency;

  5. Export or legal restrictions, if known;

  6. Data protection, privacy policy and security capabilities;

  7. Security method for the transmission of payment data;

  8. Information that the cardholder is committing to a transaction before they select the “pay now” button, with an obvious option to cancel the payment at this point as an alternative to paying;

  9. The address of your permanent establishment.

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