• 26 Jan 2024
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Before integrating with Direct Checkout, the following prerequisites should be in place:


Refer to the Quickstart Guide, where there are sections covering:

  • Creating a merchant

  • Creating a user

  • Completing the onboarding.


Access PaySuite will provide you with your credentials, consisting of:

  • ISV ID

  • Payment API key for the payment endpoints

  • Platform API key for onboarding and other non-payment endpoints.

Payment Environments



Platform Environments



Payment Account ID

The Payment Account ID is used when sending requests to certain Evolve endpoints. It is available from the Evolve Payment Service (EPS) paymentAccounts endpoint.

Call the general paymentAccounts endpoint, which will return a list of all your payment accounts:

curl --location --request GET '{{PAYMENT_ENVIRONMENT}}/api/v1/merchants/{{ISV_ID}}/paymentAccounts' \
  --header 'API_KEY: {{PAYMENT_API_KEY}}' \  
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ 
  --data-raw ''  

The response contains a JSON body with details about all your payment accounts, including the ID for the payment account you will be using.

Payment method activation

When an integrator is onboarded, we’ll activate all payment methods that are available and required. After this, integrators activate new or additional payments themselves via an API, so they can control availability to their merchants.

Cards (credit and debits cards) is the only payment method activated by default for integrators and merchants. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Pay by Bank Account (Open Banking) must be activated for merchants either by integrators via an endpoint, or by merchants via Merchant Portal. 

Instructions can be found in Payment method activation.

Apple Pay merchant registration

Apple mandates registration of merchants and the domain or domains where the Apple Pay button is displayed. Instructions can be found in Apple Pay merchant registration.

Apple Pay sandbox testing setup

Apple provide a sandbox environment to test offline implementations of Apple Pay. Instructions can be found in Apple Pay sandbox testing setup.

Google Pay test card suite setup

Google provide a test card suite to enable testing of Google Pay without the need to add a real credit card in a Google Account. Instructions from Google can be found here.

Pay by Bank Account (Open Banking) sandbox testing

Nuapay provide a sandbox environment to test offline implementations of Pay by Bank Account (Open Banking). Instructions can be found in Pay by Bank Account (Open Banking) sandbox testing.

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