Onboarding Schools
  • 30 Jan 2024
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Onboarding Schools

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Article Summary

Onboarding your Customers - For Schools Software Providers

Evolve offers a dedicated onboarding platform for the schools market.
If you are onboarding schools and have a requirement for multiple remittance bank accounts, including remittance to supplier bank accounts then schools onboarding is an option to consider.

With schools onboarding the Software Provider is responsible for the setup and management of the bank accounts. You’ll be responsible for setting up the bank account using the merchant endpoint, and supplying supported proof of bank account.

For school merchants, our preferred method to collect any debits for refunds, chargebacks, and fees is by net settlement i.e. before the transfer of funds to your bank account. If the school merchant cannot use net settlement, they can still use Direct Debit to settle refunds, chargebacks, and fees. The school merchant must submit a Direct Debit application using the option in the merchant portal. Once setup and approved the specified bank account will be used for settlement of refunds, chargebacks, and fees. 

Managed user account creation and login

With this option the software provider will create the user account and log the user into the Evolve Portal to complete their onboarding application.

Inviting users to the platform

With this option you’ll create the merchant account and invite a user to register for access to that account. The user will have their own credentials to log in directly to the Evolve Portal.

Additional configuration for Schools

As a regulated payment platform provider, it is essential that Access PaySuite can validate the ownership of every bank account used in the system. Both the Merchant API and Document API are used to provide supporting documents to validate the bank accounts.

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