Live Environment
  • 29 Aug 2023
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Live Environment

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Evolve provides two environments to help you through the development process, the live environment and the sandbox.

Because the live and sandbox environments are completely segregated, you will be supplied with a different API key for each environment. The Evolve sandbox is a test environment where you can test any part of the integration without affecting live data or processing a transaction involving real money. We recommend that you make full use of the sandbox environment before deploying to the live system. When you have completed your testing and you are ready to deploy to the live environment, you will need to create a new account for the live environment.

By maintaining a completely separate testing environment to our production environment, we ensure that we have a clear separation between test activities and live use and can focus on maintaining availability of production operation. It also means that we do not have the risk that the testing activity one of our customers will impact on the live operation of another customer.

The Sandbox

Here you can explore our APIs and develop your integration. It is a fully functional environment that obviously does not process any live transactions. Create your account and perform tests in this environment safe in the knowledge that you will not be touching any live payment services.

The sandbox incorporates the two following test environments, available at the following URLs:

The Access PaySuite Evolve Platform API FOR TESTING is available at

The Access PaySuite Evolve Payment API FOR TESTING is available at

For more information on the Sandbox, see Test Environments

⚠ For the terms and conditions related to using our sandbox, please refer to the evaluation user agreement.

The Live Environment

When you are ready to go live you will use our production systems, which are connected to the live systems of the providers of payments services (such as Visa, Mastercard & Pay by Bank) .

Our LIVE environments are available at the following URLs:

Our Access PaySuite Evolve Platform API FOR LIVE USE is available at -

Our Access PaySuite Evolve Payment API FOR LIVE USE is available at -

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