Introducing Evolve
  • 28 Aug 2023
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Introducing Evolve

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Introducing Evolve

Start here if you are new to the Access PaySuite Evolve Platform and want to understand how to communicate with the Access PaySuite Evolve Platform APIs.

What is Access PaySuite Evolve?

Access PaySuite Evolve is a platform for payments designed with a focus on integration. It contains a suite of APIs that allow you to seamlessly integrate payments functionality for your business.

Working with our APIs

Evolve is built upon a foundation of public APIs that provide all of the functionality available from the platform, our APIs are as available to you as the pages in our portal

Our Requirements

When you build a site with our technologies, we require that you provide certain information to your Merchants:

  1. A complete and accurate description of all goods and/or services offered for sale;

  2. Full details of their cancellation, delivery and returns policy;

  3. Customer service contact details

  4. Transaction currency;

  5. Export or legal restrictions, if known;

  6. Data protection, privacy policy and security capabilities;

  7. Security method for the transmission of payment data;

  8. Information that the Cardholder is committing to a Transaction before they select the “pay now” button, with an Obvious option to cancel the payment at this point as an alternative to paying;

  9. The address of your permanent establishment

Tools to use to get started with the APIs

When getting familiar with and testing an API it is often better to start with a tool specifically designed for this purpose rather than diving straight into writing code (though that’s good too)

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